Yustina's Journey

Concepts for storybook-esque Calender_ Fall 2014 ConceptsI

Yustina's Journey
Final Project: A Year In the Life

The prompt for the final project was to create a visual representation of a year's worth of time.
In my project each card or slide represents one month.
Theoretically the viewer will recieve one card corresponding to each month, twelve in total.
At first it will seem like each card or slide is one image or story of its own,
but as time passes the viewer will create the connection that each slides and card 
illustrates one whole story in a chronological order. 
All twelve cards combined creates a panoramic illustration.


.    .    .    .
This is a story about Yustina,
.    .    .    .
.    .    .    .
Instructor: Kelly Murphy
2014 Fall

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