The Pact

Personal concept art inspired by a single image

Image that Inspired the Project

The image of the feet bandaged reminded me of 
the old culture of foot bondage forced upon chinese women. 
I explored the symbolisms of bandage or bondage.
.    .    .    .

Despite her devotion and sacrifice for her family's dignity
She is dead and forgotten.  

Unable to forget
 she craved for what was once
forbidden to her. 
To satisfy her hunger she provides solutions 
for troubled people who are willing to pay the price. 
All the confuscated trinkets are stored in her chests 
and when that chest is filled, she starts a new chest,
never satisfied.
Her magic takes form of a red thread
She can only mend or bond things together, but not fix it.

It is said that she still sits in the middle of 
the ruins of her family's house
waiting for her next client
.    .    .
Illustration Concepts II
Instructor: Katherine Streeter
Spring 2015

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